Saturday, 3 June 2023

Mr. and Miss Pakistan World in Pakistan

From 2018, the focus of Miss Pakistan World, Mr. Pakistan World and Mrs. Pakistan World was to branch off in Pakistan. Diya Ali was the first girl selected from Lahore, Pakistan, and Arooj Bokhari became the second girl to be crowned from Islamabad, Pakistan. In 2020, Areej Chaudhary was the first girl crown in a ceremony in Lahore, Pakistan. Kevaan Hasnain became the first boy to be appointed as Mr. Pakistan World 2020 while he was living in Pakistan. Later on a new beauty pageant was formed for the trans women of Pakistan, and Shyraa Roy was crowned Miss Trans Pakistan in a bigger ceremony on the 25th of May 2021, in Lahore Pakistan.

The company’s focus during the pandemic became virtual based and since then amazing candidates have come forward for being accepted as Miss/ Mr./Mrs. Pakistan World and Miss Trans Pakistan. We are glad to finally open the doors to the girls and boys in Pakistan after almost 18 years of doing the pageants out of Pakistan. Today since 2020, the ceremony of the crowning takes place on the land of Pakistan, which is a great acheivement for our 20 years of hard work!

In 2022 Miss Pakistan World will crown the 20th Miss Pakistan World, a long journey!