Touchgate Global Productions (TGP) is a company with its head office in Toronto, Canada and operating offices in Karachi and Lahore, Pakistan. It is in the film production business since 2014. The first film produced was “I Shall Dance,” in 2014 which was a documentary film and was shown at the Canadian film festivals. Touchgate Global Productions has entered the commercial film market in 2016 for the Lollywood Film Industry (Pakistani Film Industry). TGP also has writers from Mumbai, India who write for the film projects as well as has a complete production & post production system set  up in Pakistan, India, UAE, Thailand, USA and Canada. TGP produces documentaries and feature films of and for Pakistan.

Touchgate Global also has been producing events since 2002: Miss Pakistan World, Mr. Pakistan World and Mrs. Pakistan World. Miss Pakistan World was established in 2002 in Ottawa, Canada and later moved to Toronto, Canada as well as New Jersey, USA. Mrs. Pakistan World was established in 2007 and Mr. Pakistan World was established in 2011. In addition to the pageant events, TGP also have taken out yearly magazines for their event and have completed 15 editions of their magazines.